About Us

About Us

Since its establishment, the company I.L.T.S. Praha, s.r.o. has concentrated on the field of language services. We secure and provide translations and interpreting services from and into more than 40 languages.

We translate all kinds of texts, whilst the core of our activity comprises texts of a legal character and technical texts from every possible branch of industry, and stylistically demanding texts comprise mainly guidebook literature and journalism. Trivial and aesthetic literature represents only a fraction of our production.

We secure and provide all kinds of interpreting - consecutive and simultaneous, including consecutive VIP interpreting and simultaneous congress interpreting.

We provide for simultaneous interpreting events with “full service”, i.e. we supply also interpreting technology (interpreter’s booths, headphone points, transmission technology etc.), as well as hostesses and guides for accompanying congress guests.

We apply quality management system to monitor, ensure and constantly improve the quality of our services in line with the international ISO 9001 standard. Our certified project management system and final checking in line with the standard guarantees a high quality of our services.