I.L.T.S. Praha, s.r.o.
Washingtonova 5
110 00, Praha 1
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I.L.T.S. Praha, s.r.o.
Washingtonova 5
110 10, Praha 1
Mon-Fri 8:00-18:00
E-mail: ilts@ilts.cz


We accept orders and materials for preparing translations and providing interpretation or guide services in all appropriate formats (e-mail, fax, on paper, delivery in person etc.).

If delivering in person, the customer receives a confirmed copy of the order form. This order form puts on record all relevant information for processing the order. It is also according to this that the order is carried out to the letter. If delivering in another format, the job and the order are confirmed in an agreed and demonstrable manner (in most cases by e-mail).

We deliver translations in the manner set out in the order (by e-mail, by fax, on CD, on disk, on paper etc.). They can also be delivered by courier or in another way according to customer preference. Interpretation and guide services are provided by an ordered interpreter or guide.

Unless specified otherwise in writing, jobs are done solely in accordance with the order and instructions of the client, based on the relevant provisions of the Civil Code or Commercial Code or in the manner described in the General Commercial Terms and Conditions of I.L.T.S. Praha, s.r.o.

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I.L.T.S. Praha, s.r.o.Washingtonova 5, 110 00, Praha 1 (3rd floor)
tel.: 222 250 233, 245 501 316
fax.:222 250 243, GSM: 774 015 010
E-mail: ilts@ilts.cz